Understanding Your Account


What goes on my account?

Tuition, fees, housing, and meal plan charges constitute most of what is charged to your student account. Other types of charges that may appear on your Bursar account are fees required to register for certain courses, charges for attending freshman orientation, and late fee charges. Please see www.bursar.gatech.edu/tuition-fees for detailed information about tuition and fees. Visit the Student Housing and BuzzCard websites for information about housing and meal plan charges.

Any payments received will be reflected on your account. The "total due" on your account will be reduced by any anticipated financial aid payments that have been authorized and will be disbursed to your account. This aid will be applied to outstanding balances and a refund issued for any residuals. The amount of any pending awards not finalized by the Financial Aid Office will be included on your account. These amounts are NOT deducted from "Total due". You must pay the "total due" and when the aid has finalized a refund will be processed for you. NOTE: You may be eligible to defer payment for the amount of memo items. Contact Financial Aid for more information.