Marketplace for Faculty and Staff

There are two alternatives for taking payments within Marketplace: uStore and uPay. The first, uStore allows users to create a generic web store with "products" that can be purchased online via credit card. TouchNet hosts the secure payment gateway so no credit card information is stored by GT. Credit card payments are processed to the Fund/Peoplesoft project number/revenue account designated. 2% is retained for the credit card fees that GT is charged as the merchant. For example, if the product cost were $100, $2 would be reserved for payment of the merchant fees. Web expertise is not required to create a store with the uStore option, as long as a generic store will work.

Many departments use the second option, uPay, with their existing website to allow online payments for conference registrations, etc. This provides greater creative control of the "look and feel" than with the basic Marketplace uStore option. uPay provides a link from your web site to take payments via a secure gateway, hosted by TouchNet. After payment, the user returns back to your site. uPay can only be used with Georgia Tech owned and maintained web servers.

Please note that uPay and uStore must adhere to Georgia Tech's Acceptable Use Policy, Cyber Security Policy, and Data Privacy Policy. All Georgia Tech policies must be followed when utilizing Marketplace, including but not limited to, policies pertaining to financial management, information security, and collection of student data under FERPA. Both uStore and uPay options have a merchant fee as mentioned above. Only credit cards can be used for payment methods, so please do not enable any other methods of payment (webcheck).

Sales Tax and Marketplace

Note: If taxable products are to be sold, please consult with the Georgia Tech Controller's Office to obtain the appropriate type of account and to understand the tax reporting requirements. Click here for more information.

Refunding Marketplace Purchases

Credit cards are the only approved method for taking payment through Marketplace. Refunds for a credit card payment must be approved by store management, and then only refunded back to the original payment method and account number in an amount that does not exceed the original purchase.

ACH payments should not be taken in Marketplace as validity of funds cannot be immediately verified which exposes the unit and Georgia Tech to more risk. If there is justification and an exception is approved to allow ACH as a payment method, any request for a refund from an ACH Marketplace payment should be approved by unit management prior to refunding to ensure funds were actually received by Georgia Tech and that refunding is appropriate. A request to refund to a different account should be reviewed carefully to assess the legitimacy of the refund request. Please contact GT Treasury Services to confirm receipt of funds from an ACH payment and to discuss refund options as ACH refunds cannot under any circumstances be processed through Marketplace.

Please note, Marketplace cannot be used to collect payment where continuing education units (CEUs) are awarded. If awarding CEUs, please contact Professional Education.

For donations to the Georgia Institute of Technology, please contact the Office of Development at 404-894-2985. It is the GT Office of Development policy that NO charitable donations can be processed through Marketplace.

If you decide to proceed, please fill out the Marketplace request form. We will then provide access to your site. If you choose the uPay option, there are some other technical documents that you will also need before beginning.

Please note that credit card statements will show "Georgia Tech Online Order" when purchases are made through your Marketplace uStore or uPay site. Please place this notification on your individual uStore or uPay site.

Marketplace uStores and uPay sites without any orders for the past two years will be set to "Disabled".