529 Plans

A 529 Plan is a college savings account that is tax-exempt and you can contribute as you wish.  Earnings grow tax-free and is spent tax-free for eligible college expenses such as tuition, books, and fees. Please note: Georgia Institute of Technology does not bill any state agencies for 529 tuition plans directly. It is the responsibility of the student to provide the required information to the state agency to request a disbursement if required by the plan. 

Tuition invoices are available to all students on BuzzPort by clicking on the Secure Access Login icon in the Registration. Next, click on the Pay Now tile under the All Users or the Financial Aid tab of the ribbon menu.

Although a student may have expected 529 funds to cover tuition and fees, the balance of the student account is due on the fee payment deadline. If a 529 payment is received after the fee payment deadline and generates a credit balance on the student’s account, a refund will be issued to the student. Please click here to sign-up for Direct Deposit to ensure your refund is received in a timely manner.

Due to the large number of 529 plans and frequent changes, Georgia Tech is unable to provide individual plan information.  Please contact your plan provider to determine their requirements for individual billing information and any payment restrictions.

For information regarding tuition and fees, please click here.

To access our fee payment deadline calendar, please click here.


529 FAQs

  1. I have a Florida Prepaid Plan. When will Georgia Tech send an invoice?

    Georgia Tech does not invoice Florida Prepaid. As an invoice is required, you may obtain an invoice here.

  2. I have a 529 Plan. How can I get these funds to Georgia Tech?

    Contact your 529 plan to learn what is needed to remit payment to Georgia Tech on your behalf. If an invoice or statement is needed, you may obtain an invoice here. If a dollar amount is required to request payment, you may obtain this figure by visiting the Estimated Cost of Attendance webpage as a guide.  Please be sure that your student ID number is included with all payments.

  3. Where should my Prepaid Plan check be mailed?

    To mail payments to the Bursar's Office, please use the following address:

    Bursar's Office
    Lyman Hall, Suite 111
    225 North Avenue
    Atlanta, GA 30332-0255