Mandatory Student Insurance Fall 2019 & Spring 2020

The following groups of students are required to have student health insurance that meets the minimum standards set by the University System of Georgia. Students in these categories will be charged a Mandatory Student Health Insurance premium by the Bursar’s Office. Students for whom insurance is not mandatory may purchase insurance voluntarily directly from United Health Care (Please visit the Georgia Tech Health Services Website for voluntary rates)

Accessing Your Account:

Use the following link to create or login to your UHC account: United Health Care

Fall Term 2019 - UCH has agreed to allow students to enroll before they are registered for classes. If you need to enroll early, please contact the UHC partner center at 1-888-754-8089 or email them at

Mandatory Groups:

  • All graduate students receiving a Tuition Waiver as part of their graduate assistantship award as determined by the USG Institution.
  • All undergraduate, graduate and ESL international students holding F or J visas.
  • All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in programs that require proof of health insurance as determined by the USG Institution. Currently Georgia Tech only requires Mandatory Health Insurance for graduate students in the CHBE and BMED programs and APPH majors.
  • All graduate students receiving fellowships that fully fund their tuition as determined by the USG Institution.

Note: Students in the mandatory groups taking credit only hours (such as co-op/internships) will be assessed insurance as a registered student.

The current insurance provider for Georgia Tech is United Health Care. If you meet the requirements above for mandatory insurance the charge for the premium will be placed on your student account by the Bursar’s Office and is due by the fee deadline established for the term. Once the premium is charged you should visit the UHC site to enroll for coverage as soon as possible at the beginning of each term (please note if you enroll for spring term you will be covered in summer and you do not need to enroll again in summer term). If you fail to self-enroll you will automatically be enrolled after the waiver deadline for the term unless you have an approved waiver from UHC (see below for instructions to request a waiver). The Mandatory Student Health Insurance Premium is not refundable upon withdrawal from classes after the drop/add period.

Enroll/Activate Coverage:

Coverage under this plan cannot be prorated or ended early.

Fall 2019 coverage is effective August 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019.

In order for a mandated student to access the enrollment or waiver system form, the student must be included in the eligibility file that the University sends to United Healthcare Student Resources. To be included in the eligibility file, you must be enrolled for classes during fall semester and the charge for mandatory health insurance must be assessed to your Georgia Tech Student Account.  You can access the insurance company’s system approximately 48 business hours after the charge is assessed to your Georgia Tech student account.

You must take action to activate your insurance coverage!

To use your insurance at the earliest possible date, activate your coverage by completing the electronic enrollment form at (select “Enroll Now”). Use your student ID number and date of birth to access the form.

Once this enrollment form is submitted, your coverage will be active in the United Healthcare Student Resources system and an ID card will be generated within approximately 48-72 business hours. Your coverage will become active in the insurance company’s system once you complete this enrollment form.

Automatic Enrollment

At the close of the waiver period, UHC will automatically enroll any mandated students who do not have an approved waiver request to opt out of the plan or who did not already activate coverage themselves. This process cannot occur until the waiver period closes and all waivers are processed.  If you need to access your insurance prior to the automatic enrollment processing occurring, you need to complete the Enrollment form to activate coverage yourself!

Insurance cards

Insurance ID cards are available electronically approximately 48-72 business hours after a student completes the Enrollment form. Students can access their insurance ID card electronically 24 hours a day through their United Healthcare My Account.  Create or log into your United Healthcare My Account at United Health Care. United Healthcare does not mail insurance cards.

Insurance Waivers:

Students who fall into one of the mandatory groups above but are already covered by a comparable insurance policy (i.e. through parent plans, family plans or employer-sponsored plans) have the option to waive the student insurance. Waivers are processed by United Health Care, the insurance carrier. Note: waiver requests must be submitted by the waiver deadline for each term. Failure to submit a valid waiver before the deadline will result in automatic enrollment in the plan and the insurance charge on the student account will remain. To request a waiver, select the Waive tab and click the Request a Waiver button to provide your information.

How to Apply for the Mandatory Waiver:

  1. Apply for the mandatory waiver at:
  2. Type "Georgia Institute of Technology" into "Let's start with your school's name" and select our institution from the dropdown list.
  3. The Georgia Institute of Technology Open Enrollment page is displayed. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click on Waiver Coverage.
  4. Enter your Date of Birth and Student ID. Press Next.
  5. “Georgia Institute of Technology” page is displayed. Please note that your health insurance must meet the minimum coverage requirements mandated by the University System of Georgia to be approved.
  6. Complete the PERSONAL INFORMATION section.
  7. Complete the WAIVER QUESTIONS section.
  8. Complete the INSURANCE INFORMATION section.
  9. Complete verification statement by signing and dating form.
  10. Press Submit.

Insurance Premium Rates:

Mandatory Insurance Premium Rates vary by term. To determine the actual rate for the term and your student classification please select the appropriate academic term here: and scroll to Page 2 of the Tuition and Fee rates page.

You may contact the Bursar's Office if you have any questions regarding your rate.